MDF Lambs Tongue Skirting

Lambs Tongue

Lambs Tongue 92mm MDF skirting board

A classic profile that we meet in households and public buildings, Lambs Tongue Skirting boards can go through our sight field, not to be noticed. However, it is not because of their capability to disappear in such a moment, but we get used that down there is that shape.
Lambs Tongue Skirting boards is a profile that we somehow know.
Title Lambs Tongue it gets because of delicate rounding profile that reminds on lambs organ for protruding. However, if we consider its figurative meaning, then there is the possibility that we will go out of our subject of discussion. As an ancient symbol of purity that was approaching us to deities, on the similar way in moderns and old religions, lambs tongue could have a meaning, literally to speak God’s language.

About Lambs Tongue Skirting Boards

There are many suppliers who offer different dimensions and variations of such an MDF board. If we are trying to match skirting boards with interior design, it is better to order samples. It is usually free and can save our nerves.
There is also the possibility to order unfinished skirting boards that are allowing you to finalise them so you can make them unique in harmony with interior design.

Painting Lambs Tongue profile

Lambs Tongue 67mm

So if you decide to paint it on your own, to get the best results, you will have to prepare it. The usual procedure is first to sand edges that are cut off, to make them smooth. After that, we supposed to apply the primer on the side and all along. We will have to wait to get dry, and you have to check for how long. It depends on a manufacturer. When it is dry well, you have to sand it until it becomes smooth. Moreover, now, there are two possibilities: to apply primer one more time, before painting, or to colour them twice.