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Octopus Skirting Boards– Skirting Board Installation Perth WA- HOME

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We aim to provide the best quality skirting board supply, painting and installation services at the best prices guaranteed. Offering an extensive range of modern and contemporary skirting board designs, our skirting services can add an elegant and sophisticated look to your home. 

Although skirting boards add a decorative feature to your home, they will also prevent annoying scratches and chips on your lower walls from the vacuum cleaner and kid’s toys. By allowing our expert installers and painters to install and paint your skirting boards, we can ensure you a brand new amazing yet protective feature in your home. 

We will supply, install and paint Skirting Boards in All Perth WA areas from $7.99!


Our Services

At Octopus Skirting Boards, we offer multiple professional and affordable skirting board services to all areas of Perth WA. Our wide selection of MDF Skirting Boards and service expertise, means you can add a unique and sophisticated feel to your home with the best prices guaranteed. 

Painting Service

In order to give your skirting a lively and glossy look, we evenly and professionally spray-paint your skirting boards with the highest quality paint– maximising protection and style. 

Skirting Boards Perth Colour Design– Octopus Skirting Boards

Supply Service

We supply a wide range of modern and traditional skirting boards to all areas of Perth. You can purchase our top-quality skirting boards today and we’ll safely deliver them to your doorstep!

Octopus Skirting Boards– Skirting Board Installation Perth WA- HOME

Skirting Installation

Our skirting board installation service revolves around immense skills, experience and top-quality tools in order to provide the best cuts, measurements and fittings of your skirting boards. 

Octopus Skirting Boards– Skirting Board Installation Perth WA- HOME

Our Specialities

Why to Choose Us?

Octopus Skirting Boards places our customers and their desires as our first priority, in order to assure them flawlessly supplied or installed skirting boards for their home. We only use the best quality materials and the most precise tools for long-lasting, effective and stylish results. Our Octopus team of professionals can ensure you are pleased with every stage of your project and allowed the opportunity to find the perfect skirting design for your home. 

Our proficient installers can help you choose the best skirting for your home, recommending profiles based on your preferences and the interior style of your home. We carefully spray-paint all your skirting boards with your colour choice to prevent any uneven appearances and absolutely NO ugly brush marks. By choosing our professional services, you can be assured that we will transform your home with our skilfully spray-painted and crafted skirting. 



We strive to provide all our customers with the best quality work at affordable prices that suit you and your family. 



When completing your project, we take extreme precautions and pride in our installation and painting processes, so you can enjoy flawless and accurate results.



In order to meet all your desires and expectations we provide skirting consultations, which gives you the opportunity to find the perfect skirting for your home without any headaches.

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Customer Reviews

Very happy with the service from Daniela and her team. Daniela was able to fit installation in quickly, very happy with results of the skirting I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Octopus Skirting.”

Jess Ryan

Google Review

happy clients!

Our professionalism and top-quality skirting board services is synonymous with our high reputation, which is why we are Perth’s first choice skirting suppliers, painter & installers.

A wonderful and extremely professional team! I researched a bunch of service and Octopus Skirting Boards had the best prices for their exceptional work. Highly recommend them!

Steven Hamilton

Google Review

Amazing results! Dean and Daniela very friendly and cleaned up after themselves. Not to mention, their highly professional completion of the job. We couldn’t be happier with our skirting boards!

Elvira Delong

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Our Work Gallery

Our wide range of skirting board designs allows our customers to enrich the quality and style of their home at an affordable price. We professionally install our customers skirting with accuracy and proficiency that allows a flawless finish

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