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Octopus Skirting Boards– Skirting Board Installation Perth WA- ABOUT US

Our Team of Experts Work Together to Provide the Ultimate Service!

Your home is where your day begins and ends, where you harbour the people and the things that you love. In order to maximise the reflection of your character and increase the comfort of your home, we provide an proficient and professional skirting board installation and painting services that allows you to achieve your dream at an affordable and unbeatable price. 

Our carpenters have several years of experience and knowledge, and perform projects with artistic enthusiasm to ensure that both our service and skirting board materials exceed your highest expectation. We are always eager to help all our customers in choosing a style that best fits their home and their preference, so feel free to contact us for decoration advice. By combining all our skills and your brand new skirting boards, you enjoy a flawless finish that adds decoration and protection to your home.


Why to Choose Us

Running Our Business For 14 Years

We have been running our business for 14 years and have installed skirting board in a huge number of homes. Our vast experience has allowed us to strive within the skirting field and provided us our extensive knowledge and skilled techniques to install and paint your skirting boards to perfection at an affordable price.

High Quality Material

All our processes involve the highest quality materials and tools that guarantees our customers the most professional and long-lasting skirting boards. From our highly-durable paint to our skirting profiles crafted from only the best materials, we can ensure a flawless finish. Our MDF and HMR (Highly Moisture Resistant) skirting are made to protect against all wear and tear.

Fast & Safe Delivery

We safely deliver you skirting boards to your doorstep in our specially-designed vehicle to all areas of Perth WA, including Baldivis, Rockingham, Secret Harbor, Success, Wellard, Joondalup, Bertram, Canning Vale, Fremantle, Hammond Park, Beeliar, Mandurah, Piara Waters, Bunbury, Harrisdale and all surrounding areas. Contact us now for a free quote and consultations!

Our Way of Work

Octopus Skirting Boards prides itself on ensuring all customers the most superior quality work at affordable and reasonable prices. Our Octopus team only consists of experienced and highly professional carpenters and painters that can help transform the look of your skirting boards and home. We are not satisfied until we exceed every customer’s expectations and we constantly strive to provide the most affordable and best prices for you and your family. 

Octopus Skirting Boards Perth–  Beautiful blue home with 92mm Lamb Tongue skirting boards

Our Values & Beliefs

Punctuality & Courtesy

To enhance your experience with Octopus Skirting Board, we believe the key to your satisfaction is our politeness on the job and the ability to arrive and start the job when scheduled. This gives you less headaches and concerns, so you can focus on other aspects of your project or renovation.

Cleanliness & Respect

When completing the job, we respect our environment and your home. We always clean up after ourselves and remove any debris from removing your old skirting boards or other processes, so you can enjoy your brand new skirting boards. 

Professionalism & Competence

Our carpenters and painter perform every task with high-awareness and attention to detail, so your skirting boards have the perfect finish. Not to mention, with countless years of experience and a vast fielf of knowledge, we can professionally supply, paint and install your skirting boards to the best degree.

Expert Decoration Advice

Struggling to select the perfect skirting board design for your home? Whether its the colour and shade of your skirting boards or the height and profile that perfectly suits your home. At Octopus Skirting Boards, we provide expert decoration advice and consultations that allows you to select the most ideal skirting profile and design that suits your original preferences and the style of your house.

We can also assist you in selecting a colour and paint type that best suits your home’s conditions. Although some skirting services recommend a particular paint type, it varies upon your taste and your home’s environment– visit our painting page for more information. Contact us today for a free quote and advice to help you choose the perfect skirting design for your home.

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