We are proud to offer our seasoned and trademark painting services for pre-existing skirting boards or our very own high-grade MDF skirting boards in Perth, WA.

For painting on pre-existing skirting boards, expect a deluxe and well-defined coat of paint to revive your skirting boards and give them a brand new appearance and focus your interior. Your skirting boards are prepared with a neat and even sanding to remove pre-existing paint and stains, then cleaned and dusted with detail to ensure a perfect adherence to a fresh coat of paint. Sealers are used on deeply stained skirting boards to prevent saturation of brand new paint, and our expert painters assess your skirting boards with keen observation to meet the highest professional standards and results.


Askillfully blended and suitable coat of paint is applied evenly and delicately to your skirting boards and sanded and repainted as required to achieve a deep, smooth and polished appearance that is guaranteed to endure time and wear.

Enjoy newly constructed, designed and fitted skirting boards for your home when you hire Octopus Skirting Boards to replace your existing boards. Please see our installation(fitting) services for more information.

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