Skirting Boards Bunnings


Looking To Start Your Skirting Board Project?

Are you looking to install skirting boards into your home? You can purchase skirting boards from Bunnings that supplies a wide range of skirting boards designs, however you are left with the hard painting and installation process. At Octopus Skirting, we supply the same top-quality MDF skirting boards that are sold in Bunnings. Your skirting boards Bunnings project will cost you over $35 and some even up to $50 for only 2 pre-finished pieces, however at Octopus Skirting you can purchase supplied, painted and installed skirting boards from $7.99 per Lm and you can also purchase unique and affordable corner protections. Our skirting boards are already professionally spray-painted with the highest quality paint (including your choice of colour and type) that are the same designs, heights and high-quality of skirting boards as Bunnings’ collection.

In order to ensure the best skirting board project in your home, it is best to hire our professional supply, painting and installation services that will guarantee you amazing skirting boards at a double cheaper price and 100% satisfaction guarantee. It will also save you the headaches of trying to do your own project from Bunnings skirting boards. Contact us today for a free quote or consultation to find the best skirting boards for your home.

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