Choose the Perfect Colour For Your Skirting Boards


Find the Perfect Skirting Board Designs

Choosing a design that suits you home can be difficult, especially when you want to install skirting boards throughout your home.  Although they are a simple installment, they can be a strong decorative feature and it is highly important you don’t underestimate the impact it can do to your home’s look and feel– specifically style.  

Before choosing the colour of your skirting boards, make sure you select a skirting profile that suits your home. Consider whether your home has a traditional and eccentric feel for WA Federation or Colonial skirting, or a modern design for a Lamb Tongue or Bullnose profile. Understanding the feel of your home not only helps with your skirting profile, but the colour you decide to go for. 

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Choosing the Best Colour

Now the fun part, picking the colour for your skirting boards! With all sorts of colours that you can choose for your skirting boards, you can have a classic white or go wild with a bright blue.

Different colours help either create a more spacious look or make a daring constrast between your walls and floor with a traditional white. You can make a bold decision and paint your skirting boards the same colour as your walls. Although it may be hesitant for some, it can really give a space a beautiful contemporary look. Sometimes choosing a distinctive colour or a contrasting colour to your walls, you can really close a space and make a bold statement in your home.

Consider doing something different throughout areas of your room to create the illusion of different spaces. You can possibly paint your skirting boards and half of your wallls one colour then continue with a lighter or darker shade to create the illusion of a higher ceiling and add a unique touch to your bedrooms and living room. 


Painting Your Skirting Boards

The best way to paint your skirting boards is to use a high-quality spray gun, which will allow you to create an even and glossy surface without annoying, ugly brushmarks. By contacting Octopus Skirting Boards Perth on 1800 270 877 or you can professional paint your skirting boards without any headaches at the best prices guranteed.

Before hiring a service to paint your skirting boards, be sure to choose the best paint type for your home. The two main types used in painting your skirting boards is oil-based enamel and water-based enamel. Some businesses try trick you by saying that a particular paint has more benefits that the other, however both paints have their advantages and disadvantages. The paint type is mainly based on your preference and the conditions of your home. Its best to contact a expert advisor to assist you in choosing the correct paint type for you home. Feel free to contact Octopus Skirting Boards for more information and we’ll gladly help you find the best skirting board’s colour and paint for your home. 

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